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1. Do you love chocolate?

If so, you are among the 99% of people who love chocolate. Did you know that 81% enjoy chocolate several times a week, and 20% every day?

2. Are you talented for sales person?
If you are, Jeff de Bruges will allow your talent to flourish in a shop with our permanent and seasonal product ranges. Your talent can also shine in an outside sales environment taking advantage of the healthy demand by businesses and various groups for bulk sales of special chocolate packages and other confectionery treats.

Are you talented for sales person?

3. Is becoming a chocolatier a chilhood dream come true?

It's nice to dream, but you must be sure that it's what you want in "real life" too. In order to find out, Jeff de Bruges offers you the opportunity to come and spend more time in one of our shops so that you can get a hands-on feel of the business.

4. Do you want the support of a serious, professional and motivated team?

Jeff de Bruges provides this support by offering ongoing assistance, advice and training.

5. Do you have energy to spare?

That's a prerequisite since you'll need lots of energy to succeed in your project of creating a business. Naturally, chocolate will be your ally in this endeavour since it is a timeless source of vitality and well-being.

6. Do you want a new career?

A radical change of profession may seem to be a rather daring feat but this change of life is realistic and conceivable through the franchise system. Today's Jeff de Bruges franchisees come from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. You can discover some of their stories at the end of this brochure.

7. Are you already a Jeff de Bruges customer?

This probably means that you enjoy our products, which is a good start!P>

If you checked :
More than 5 item:
Look no further ! Jeff de Bruges is the franchise for you!
Between 3 and 4 items:
Jeff de Bruges just might be four you. Contact us!
2 items or less:
Are you sure that this is the profession for you?