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Coming from outside of the industry, how long does is take to learn it all?

New franchisees receive six weeks of training during which all of the different subjects are covered through alternating theory with practice. The topics include product knowledge, merchandising techniques, selling techniques, management and marketing.

What are the reasons behind the success of Jeff de Bruges?

Our success can be attributed in large part to a perfect mastery of our product range. Our factory located in Brussels ensures optimal monitoring and allows the capability of responding rapidly to the latest market trends. We have also cote an exceptionally high level of brand awareness which has made us one of the key industry players. Another of our strengths is our market know-how which allows us to provide our shops with 25 different window promotional themes per year. These highly theatrical themes follow the key seasonal events of the year as well as targeting trends and other "reasons to buy"

What are attitude toward chocolate and chocolate consumption prospects ?

The 6,69 kilo annual per capita consumption in the Jeff de Bruges home market in France is approximately the median level of all European countries. Chocolate has a magical quality, one that can make the eyes of children of all ages light up. Besides being just plain good, it's good for you since it has many therapeutic virtues. It is considered an antidepressant, an anti-stress and source of vitality since it is chocked full of vitamins and minerals. Another asset of our business model is the fact that it is based on two majors holidays, Christmas and Easter, where chocolate is by tradition a must. Everyone loves chocolate. So nearly everyone buys chocolate as a gift or as a treat for themselves. That is why we at Jeff de Bruges make chocolate in all shapes and sizes: chocolate pralines, tablets, blocks, chocolate spread, gift hampers and other compositions made for any occasion

Ice Cream and Dragées Almonds

For Ice Cream, we've dreamt up our own delicious original recipes which can only be found in Jeff de Bruges shops. To best serve our Dragées Almond customers, we've set-up an integrated structure at our factory that is capable of making personalized orders for each shop allowing them to sell Martial quality dragées without worries of managing a large stock of packaging and supplies.

What is the surface area needed for a shop?

One of the strengths of our concept is to be able to adapt to small shops. For a high-street shop the surface should be around 30 to 40 m2 plus a minimum of 25 m2 of storeroom place. In the shopping centres, the concepts requires about 45m2 but it can be adapted in the form of an 18m2 central kiosk. Both require a minimum of 25 m2 of storeroom space.