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When was Jeff de Bruges founded?

We opened our first shop in 1986 and the brand met with immediate success. In 2012, we opened a shop on the prestigious Avenue des "Champs-Elysées", and 2 years later on the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. Today we have over 488 shops.

What is Jeff de Bruges' position in its home market in France?

We are the leading chain of stores in this market where our performance has been to open over a dozen stores annually since the inception of the brand. In doing so, we have taken over considerable market share.

Our expertise is well established and our shops enjoy excellent profitability. As in previous years, our success has been recognised by the profession when we received, in 2005, numerous awards including the coveted "Ruban d'or" franchisor award and "Enseigne d'or" award for best shop renovation. Recently our chocolate bar collection has been awarded The Grand Prize for Design in 2008.


Is Jeff de Bruges expanding overseas ?

We currently have over 40 shops abroad located in  Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Great Britain,  Morocco, Bulgaria, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Australia...

What can the Jeff de Bruges franchise do for me?

It brings a global concept of retail architecure and merchandising ensuring perfect brand unity and recognition not to mention a very pleasant and dynamic working environment. The Jeff de Bruges franchise is also the guarantee of a respected and reputable brand. It brings know-how and innovative marketing and constantly supplies the franchisee with creative evolutions of the collections and the brand. Consumers' needs and behaviours change constantly and one of the essential roles of a brand and its management is to be catalyst for this positive evolution.


Is the seasonal nature of the chocolate business a concern?

We very quickly came to realize that the decisive seasonal nature of chocolate sales requires us to shape our product offering to develop additional product range for the period between April and September. This is why, in addition to chocolate, we offer the Martial range, the only recongnize brand of Dragées Almonds with a solid reputation for excellence and elegance since 1924 We also produce our own full range of bulk and soft-serve ice cream that has achieved a reputation for quality and innovative flavour. Different variations of the ice cream corner allow it to be tailored to suit any type of shop. Opening a Jeff de Bruges shop gives you the opportunity to embark on a new, exciting and multi-facetted profession.