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For us it was a real chance to have discovered Jeff de Bruges! We have been franchisees since 1995 and our satisfaction has been growing year after year. The ordering department is very efficient. We receive our products promptly and are able to follow the promotional calendar at the same time as in the shops in France. The collections are superb. They allow us to renew continually our store's offer. As for the product, there's nothing like it. Whether it is the excellent chocolates or the lovely packaging there are always a hit with customers. It just goes to show why we have been able to build a loyal following of clients over the past nine years. Some of them actually come from quite a long way. In Spain, there is nothing comparable. Bravo Jeff de Bruges!



As franchisees of various brands in Dubai since 1993, we were attending the 2003 MAPIC trade fair in Cannes France as we do every year. Our goal was to scout out the best European franchises wich could be developed in the Gulf. We came  across the Jeff de Bruges booth and fell in love! Being chocolate lovers as well as people who like to take on new challenges we decided to become involved with the Jeff de Bruges franchise. We knew it would be a real challenge since in communicating the brand in the Gulf region with the goal of achieving the level recognition of the brand in Europe. We are very confident that this will happen. Given the range of high quality products wich are constantly updated and the new store concept we have every reason to believe that it will!


As specialty bakers of cakes for 25 years, we were looking to diversify our operations while staying within the food sector. We knew that there was no good chocolate in Tunisia and that there was a great opportunity in this market. We chose Jeff de Bruges for basically three reasons : the quality of the products, the originality and the dynamic nature of the concept as well as the invaluable support of Mr Jambon, the founder of the compagny. We opened our first shop on a high street location in 2001 and then a second a few months later in a shopping centre  in light of the overwhelming success of these first two shops, we opened a third shop in a suburb location. The Jeff de Bruges' concept is a perfect match with the tastes of the Tunisian clientele. With all of the different collections, they have the impression of travelling to far-off places and they enjoy that. The prospects for development of the brand are very bright for us. There is a huge potential for opening in other cities in Tunisia.