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'Cristal' drop with large ribbon

Net weight: 40g
  • €3.04

Bubble decor gold & silver

Net weight: 35g
  • €3.28
Our teams create your dragées items with care and attention.
They are homemade filled and customized within 10 days. 


  • From €2.36


Net weight: 40g
  • €2.26

Jar "Charlotte" with ribbon

Net weight: 35g
  • €5.42


Net weight: 30g
  • €3.64


Net weight: 25g
  • €2.05


Net weight: 25g
  • €3.89


Net weight: 30g
  • €2.93


Net weight: 30g
  • €3.64

Round metal box with wide ribbon

Net weight: 40g
  • €4.64

Square glass jar with large ribbon

Net weight: 40g
  • €1.78

bohemian box

Net weight: 35g
  • €3.78


If there was ever an essential delicacy for weddings it is of course the sugared almond. These beautiful sweets are often decorated with joyful colours and are traditionally placed in delicate little pouches that are given to guests to thank them for their presence, and to keep as a souvenir of the event.

The Jeff de Bruges teams have prepared a beautiful selection of wedding favours for you to choose from, including the perfect container and the option to personalise.

Why do we offer sugared almond wedding favours?

The sugared almond is the symbol par excellence of love! This is why it is an integral part of the wedding ceremony.

Behind this symbol are myths and legends that celebrate love. The story that comes up most often when people talk about wedding favours is that of Demophon and Phyllis. When Demophon had to go away on a long journey, Phyllis could not bring herself to live without her future husband and dies of grief and then is transformed by the gods into an almond tree. When Demophon finally returns from his journey, he goes to the tree which, at the sight of him, begins to blossom in the middle of winter! Thanks to this myth, the almond has become a symbol of love. Traditionally, wedding guests are given 5 almonds as a wish for longevity, wealth, health, fertility and happiness.

The must-have wedding favours are prepared with care and attention in the Jeff de Bruges workshops. We assemble and personalise each order by hand within 10 days.

How to choose your wedding favours

To choose the perfect wedding favour you will need to choose the type of packaging to hold the sweets in and the flavours.

You can begin by selecting the type of packaging that will hold your wedding favours according to your taste but also in line with the decoration you have planned for the big day. To beautifully decorate the tables, we offer a wide variety that can be personalised by adding, for example, the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. Once you have selected the packaging, all you have to do is choose the colour of the wedding favours and the flavours you wish to offer your guests.

To indulge your guests we have created a wide variety of flavours of wedding favours in our workshops. You will find the inevitable sugared almond or chocolate almond that come in three delicious types of almond: Avola, Opera and Gianduja. The choice is yours! To keep things traditional opt for the Avola almond - undoubtedly the best in the world. The Opera almond is also delicious and you’ll adore the crunchiness of the Gianduja almond. Chocolate lovers will love the tender milk chocolate heart and the 70% dark chocolate palet.

Because chocolate is a delectable pleasure that is often enjoyed at weddings, opt for the chocolate almonds that also come in caramel, nougat, crepe dentelle, speculoos, raspberry or equatorial cocoa bean flavours. Whichever almond you choose, you will make your guests’ tables beautiful with these colourful wedding favours carefully presented in your personalised packets.

How to choose the colour of your wedding favours

At Jeff de Bruges, we offer wedding favours in a wide range of colours, which you can select according to your chosen decorative theme.

The sugared almond colour that is chosen is often too representative and steeped in tradition. The colour white, which represents purity, is the traditional choice for wedding celebrations with sugared almonds.

Nonetheless, alternative symbolic colours are available for your wedding favours. Green is seen to represent hope, sky blue is a symbol of tenderness and red expresses passion. Although the tradition is still widely respected, many couples choose to break away from it by simply associating the colour of their wedding favours with the wedding decorations.

Sugared almonds can be placed in transparent gift boxes or pouches and can be used to create a colour scheme that complements other decorative elements on the tables. For example, wedding favours can be combined with a bouquet, balloons, chair bows or the wedding place cards for each guest to find their seat.

Additionally, wedding favours alone can serve as decorations at your chosen wedding location. For example, you could choose an assortment of colours and place the sugared almonds in a large decorative container. That way, your guests will be able to enjoy themselves!

What shape should I choose for my wedding favours?

Choosing the flavour of your wedding favours is important but it's also essential to know what shape you would like for the big day.

In the catalogue of wedding favours we've put together for you, you'll find several different shapes. Discover the Opéra almond and its beautiful slender almond shape, the flat shape of the Avola Élysée and also the heart or palet shape.

The slender oval wedding sugared almonds are traditionally chosen by the bride and groom. This choice perfectly highlights the natural almond shape and adds a touch of delicacy to the décor.

The flat and round shape of the palet favours adds a natural look that is much appreciated when it comes to enhancing a table setting. The heart shape is the perfect choice to celebrate the love of the newly married couple!

You don’t have to stick to just one shape. Choose the heart shape for children and opt for an Avola Élysée for adults!

Enhance your wedding favours at Jeff de Bruges by choosing a beautiful gift box or pouch to place these sweet treats into and a ribbon to match the colour of your sugared almonds. You can even add a small note on the ribbon for example the date of the wedding or a simple thank you to the guests who have come to celebrate this special day with you!