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270g praline Easter animals

  • €14.80

54.81 €/kg

Net weight: 270g

Have an egg-cellent Easter with little filled chocolate animals! Open your bag to unleash the milk or dark chocolate lambs, bunnies, hens, ducks and m ... Find out more

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Milk chocolate duck

Praliné with sparkling sugar

Dark chocolate duck

Smooth praliné

Dark chocolate cow

Praliné with sparkling sugar

White chocolate cow

Soft praliné

Milk chocolate hen

Duo praline and caramel ganache

Dark chocolate hen


Milk chocolate pig

Nougat praliné

Dark chocolate pig

Crunchy hazelnut praliné


Praliné and puffed rice


Praliné and caramelized almond bits

Milk chocolate bell

Smooth praliné

Milk chocolate horse

'Crêpe dentelle' praliné

Milk chocolate fish

Praliné and caramelized coconut bits

Dark chocolate fish

Praliné 'crêpe dentelle'

Milk and white chocolate egg

Duo of almond paste and nougat praliné