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Hot Chocolate Bomb by Jeff de Bruges

Discover our explosive novelty!

A dark chocolate heart of 54% cocoa, filled with small marshmallows to melt in hot milk.

Discover it through this video.

How does it work ?

Step 1

Add hot milk on the heart chocolate in the cup. The more milk you add, the softer and milkier the hot chocolate will be. With less milk, the chocolate taste will be stronger!

Step 2

With the hot milk, the chocolate heart will dissolve and the small marshmallows rise to the surface, before melting in the hot chocolate, giving it a nice creaminess! Stir and enjoy.

Step 3

To take away, keep warm or to drink slowly, just put the lid back on it. And in addition, both the cup and its cardboard lid are ecological and recyclable!

Step 4

Enjoy our offer: by buying two hot chocolate bombs, the third one is half price!

I want it!

A new chocolate heart filled with small marshmallows and caramel to melt in hot milk.