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Message box - 27 milk and dark chocolates

Net weight: 335 g
  • €28.25

Message box - 27 milk chocolates

Net weight: 335g
  • €28.25

From 21th of May to 04th of June,
1 assortment of Mother's Day
offered from 28 € of purchase.
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Box of 16 petites meringues – 4 recipes

Net weight: 188g
  • €16.75

Box of 16 palets – 4 recipes

Net weight: 174g
  • €15.95

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Message box - 18 dark chocolates

Net weight: 222g
  • €20.65

Box of 16 rochers – 4 recipes

Net weight: 164g
  • €15.40

Message box - 18 milk & dark chocolates

Net weight: 222g
  • €20.65

Macao box of 24 Grand Cru Carrés

Net weight: 108g
  • €11.20

Message box - 18 milk chocolates

Net weight: 222g
  • €20.65

Macao box of 24 Tasting Carrés

Net weight: 108g
  • €11.20

Message box - 27 dark chocolates

Net weight: 335g
  • €28.25

Chocolate Almonds Box

Net weight: 240g
  • €17.30

Rectangular box of 23 assorted chocolates

Net weight: 286g
  • €29.55

Round Box of 26 Assorted Chocolates

Net weight: 360g
  • €39.10

Round box of 20 assorted chocolates

Net weight: 250g
  • €28.70

Square Box 33 Assorted Chocolates

Net weight: 440g
  • €41.40


Making chocolate is an art, but it is also, above all a pleasure and a treat. For each recipe, the Jeff de Bruges Master Chocolatiers strive to create new flavours to help you discover the best of chocolate.

What makes chocolate so enjoyable is also the pleasure of giving a loved one a carefully composed box of delicious chocolate assortments as a gift. Discover Jeff de Bruges’ delectable selection of gifts for your friends.

A chocolate gift for a friend is a guaranteed way to please

Chocolate is a gift that will definitely please every time and satisfy every taste. It comes in a variety of flavours that appeal to both dark chocolate lovers and those who prefer the sweetness of praline. This famous box of chocolates has long been a gift that we like to give to family and friends. Given to a friend, chocolate comforts, makes you smile, and is the perfect opportunity to share a special moment together.

At Jeff de Bruges we believe it is important to provide creations of the highest quality for you to gift to your friends and family. As pioneers of flavours, our chocolatiers, make original and authentic chocolates that are then beautifully presented in cases that you will enjoy choosing between. A Jeff de Bruges gift for a friend can be given on many occasions to say thank you, to encourage, to celebrate a birthday or an achievement but it is also a tasty treat to simply make someone happy!

Choose a gift for your friends from our gourmet selection

For the perfect chocolate gift, Jeff de Bruges has selected the most beautiful and tasty creations from our Master Chocolatiers. We have also chosen the famous box of assorted chocolates that comes in a blue or brown organdy pouch. This chocolate assortment includes the most famous creations of Jeff de Bruges, such as Bruges, Jeff, Calypso, Feuille Noir and Eden. What better way to make a friend happy than with a box of 32 chocolates?

To delight the biggest chocolate lovers, opt for the Macao box of 24 squares of chocolates that come in a pretty bamboo box. This box is made up of chocolate squares in a variety of flavours, including honey and almond chocolate and lemon and dark chocolate. The Grand Cru box includes chocolates from Ecuador, Sao Tomé, Venezuela and the Ivory Coast, bringing together chocolates from all over the world.

The gifts to friends selection also comes in a box of 16 rochers containing white, milk and dark chocolate praline crunch flavours. For even more mouthwatering flavours, why not try a box of Gustaves? This year we have created two new recipes, pineapple and brownie!