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ballotin of assorted chocolates and organdie pouch

Net weight: 1
  • From €16.90

1 kg ballotin of assorted chocolates

Net weight: 1kg
  • €55.60

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750 g ballotin of assorted chocolates

Net weight: 750g
  • €41.70

500 g ballotin of assorted chocolates

Net weight: 500g
  • €27.80

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500 g ballotin of assorted chocolate

Net weight: 500g
  • €27.80

500 g ballotin of milk chocolates

Net weight: 500g
  • €27.80

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375 g ballotin of assorted chocolates

Net weight: 375g
  • €20.85

375 g ballotin of dark chocolates

Net weight: 375g
  • €20.85

375 g ballotin of milk chocolates

Net weight: 375g
  • €20.85

250 g Assorted Chocolates Ballotin

Net weight: 250g
  • €13.90


Chocolate ballotins are undoubtedly one of the ultimate symbols of a chocolatier’s traditions. Not only are chocolate ballotins the perfect way to make someone happy or indulge yourself, but they also allow you to discover the world of Jeff de Bruges’s creations. Delicately placed in carefully decorated boxes, you will discover our fine quality chocolates, full of simple and original tastes. Choose your chocolate ballotin and you will be in for an assorted chocolate delight.

Chocolate ballotins for those delicate moments of indulgence

Originally, this small cardboard box was designed to hold praline chocolates. This well-known packaging was originally invented to protect the chocolates as the cones that were used before tended to crush them. Through a carefully composed assortment, these chocolate ballotins are the perfect way to discover a selection of the most beautiful creations by Jeff de Bruges.

All the chocolates that we invent and create are the fruit of our passion for chocolate and the necessity for excellent quality. Our ingredients are carefully selected and are natural in origin, such as cocoa beans from our own plantations in Ecuador. We use only pure cocoa butter chocolate, and all our recipes are free of hydrogenated vegetable fats, GMOs, and palm oil.

Discover the luxury chocolate ballotin and the daring creativity of the Jeff de Bruges chocolatiers. We advocate traditional savoir-faire and add passion, generosity, and our desire for you to discover new recipes and original flavours. The chocolates in our assortments perfectly combine authenticity and originality to offer you pure moments of pleasure.

Chocolate ballotins, a delicious gift that is sure to please

The Jeff de Bruges chocolate ballotin is available in several formats and flavours for you to choose from. Assorted chocolates, dark chocolates, milk chocolates… you select the perfect box that will delight your friends and family.

The chocolate ballotin is undoubtedly an important part of the Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Sitting at the foot of the tree, it adds a touch of sweetness and sharing to the magic of Christmas. The ballotin is, of course, a gift for any occasion whether to say thank you or just to make someone smile. With the beautiful gift wrap, this luxury box will look stunning on an elegantly dressed festive table.

Once you have chosen the size of your chocolate ballotin, take a look at the details of each chocolate using our Chocolate Guide for further information.

Those wanting to select their own chocolate assortment can head to one of our shops directly and choose away to your heart’s content!