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15 Assorted Chocolates Box with 80% Dark Chocolate Bar

Net weight: 256g
  • €23.45

From 1st to 16th of June,
3 soccer's chocolates offered from 29 € of purchase.

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15 Assorted Chocolates Box with 38% Milk Chocolate Bar

Net weight: 256g
  • €23.45

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Mother's Day is celebrated by many countries across the world on different days, most frequently in March or May. On this day, we honour mothers by showering them with affection and gifts. At Jeff de Bruges, our primary goal is to bring joy to mothers by creating delicious recipes filled with good cocoa and love.

It's all about finding that perfect Mother's Day gift that'll make hearts race with excitement! Explore a wide-ranging selection that will surely delight every mother with our collection of assorted chocolate boxes and personalised chocolates.

Chocolate… the perfect gift to celebrate Mother's Day!

Every year, Mother's Day is celebrated to pay tribute to all mothers. On this special day, mothers are the centre of attention! They are given beautiful drawings, small messages of love and, of course, gifts. At Jeff de Bruges, we particularly appreciate this moment because it gives us the opportunity to put even more passion and, above all, even more love into our recipes! After all, what better gift than a sweet treat?

Chocolate is undoubtedly the quintessential present for Mother's Day. It is a chance to convey love while allowing mothers to relish in a delectable moment of indulgence. Whatever you choose, mothers can enjoy a relaxing break on their own or with the whole family.

With Jeff de Bruges chocolates, you can share precious moments through meticulously prepared recipes with cocoa beans grown and selected with great care. The cocoa beans we use to make our covering chocolate come directly from our own plantations in Ecuador. So Jeff de Bruges is not only a chocolate maker, but also a cocoa farmer! With each Mother's Day chocolate, you can indulge yourself and your loved ones while also promoting responsible and humane sharing.

How to choose your Mother's Day gift

Jeff de Bruges chocolatiers are pulling out all the stops for mothers. We've put together some wonderful boxes of assorted chocolates, as well as a fine selection of chocolates to personalise. Milk or dark chocolate, it's up to you to choose the assortment that will make your mother jump for joy!

In each assortment, you'll find our chocolate factory's iconic recipes in dark or milk chocolate versions. Introduce your mum to the famous Bruges with its dark chocolate and caramel ganache, the delicious Jeff with its old-fashioned runny caramel, the Orphée with its praline and dark chocolate mousse duo, or the Mini Rochers in milk and dark versions, and many more!

You can find Mother's Day gifts in all their splendour, catering to different preferences and budgets. Choose between 734 grams or 256 grams of pure indulgence - whichever suits your fancy!
Choosing your Mother's Day chocolate from Jeff de Bruges is easy! Buy your favourite box directly on our website or opt for click & collect to pick up your gift in one of our shops across France. Are you away from your mother on this important day?
Send her a sweet treat that will show her how much you're thinking of her! We can deliver by courier from our shops, or directly to your letterbox via Colissimo or Chronopost.

Opt for a unique and heartfelt Mother's Day gift

Gourmet treats are a must on Mother's Day, but surprise and emotion are also part of the plan.

Every mother is in for a surprise with the personalised gifts created by Jeff de Bruges chocolatiers. Our chocolate assortments comprise our most iconic recipes, with the addition of a chocolate bar that can be customised with a message.

Create a heartfelt surprise by adding up to a 24-character message on your chocolate bar. This personalisation is available in both large and small formats, so our boxes of 15 chocolates also have room for your kind words!

Would you like your Mother's Day gift to be even more original and unique? Discover the famous Jeff de Bruges Message Boxes! Each box has either 18 or 27 chocolates for you to select for your mother based on her preferences: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or a delicious combination of both, all with a delightful blend of soft praline and caramelised hazelnut!

Emboss a letter on each chocolate to craft your own message. Some will opt for "Happy Mother's Day" as their message, while others will create a different one to show their love! The most creative will use the 27 delicious letters to evoke emotion, bring laughter, and transform Mother's Day into an unforgettable moment. Of course, Jeff de Bruges chocolatiers can give you a helping hand if you run out of inspiration. Our personalisation options include a range of messages for you to choose from: "Pause gourmande", "Fan de chocolat" or "Croquer la vie" - it's up to you to choose the message that will please your mother the most!

Make Mother's Day special and full of chocolate by gifting these wonderful gourmet treats to all your mothers.