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Your local chocolatier since 1986

Chocolates from a store near you. Simple pleasures and superior chocolate gifts presented in ever-original and varied ways. Scrumptious seasonal surprises to add to your traditional favourites.
All of this and more comes of course with our attentive service and affordable prices. Behind a veil of apparent simplicity, there’s much more to procuring such daily pleasures than meets the eye...

How we work

Socially responsible and sustainable chocolate

We believe that making good chocolate comes from taking the right human and environmental approach, based on treating men, women and children fairly and on caring for soils and their perpetual cycles, to ensure they prosper for us and for future generations. That’s why we decided to become cacao growers.
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In depht

The love of chocolate

Our promise

Making chocolate something for everyone

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Our story

Meet Philippe Jambon, founder of Jeff de Bruges

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Our values

From our cacao plantation in Ecuador to our chocolate factories and your local stores, everyone at Jeff de Bruges is driven by the same passion and values.
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