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Ice cream

Ice cream offer

Another good reason to melt with pleasure!

Recognized for our delicious chocolates, we put our creativity and our know-how at the service of ice cream lovers.

With a range combining quality, exclusivity and originality, the Jeff de Bruges ice cream parlors will make you melt with pleasure through unique recipes made from ingredients selected to guarantee you a freezing experience.

Ice cream, Italian ice cream or sorbets, you will be immersed in a whirlwind of aromas during the season in the many shops in the city center or throughout the year in shopping centers.

Did you know?


All our ice creams are made with carefully selected ingredients.

Since 2017, Jeff de Bruges has been highlighting his know-how by obtaining the "ARTISANAL MANUFACTURING" label for ice creams and sorbets (excluding Italian ice cream).

We also make our own delicious cones from an exclusive French recipe: golden brown, crispy and delicately seasoned with a hint of Madagascan vanilla extract. Choose according to the moment and opt for a single, double or triple cone. In any case, you will melt with pleasure.

Exclusively in a few shops, we offer the toppings bar *. Everyone can therefore personalize their cut as they wish! Among the toppings: exquisite fruits, toppings and a wide choice of quality dry ingredients: roasted pistachios, caramelized macadamia nuts, meringue chips, multicolored sugared chocolates, chocolate pearls, crêpe lace, chocolate cookies and pieces of Speculoos biscuit ... The hardest part is choosing!