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My order

  • This service is free and available during the opening hours of the stores offering this service. A minimum of two hours’ preparation time is required for any order placed during the opening hours of the store you have chosen.
    For this collection method, you can choose the store where your order will be prepared and made available.
    For Click & Collect, an email summarising your order will be sent to you. Once your order has been confirmed by the store in question, you will then receive a second email and be charged for your order.
    For collection requested "as soon as possible", please do not go to the selected store for collection until you have received this second email confirming that the products are available and have been prepared in this store.

    You can also track the status of your order in the "My Orders" section. If you do not have a customer account, you will receive an email confirming that your order is ready in-store.

    Please note that the order may be partially confirmed if one or more products are unavailable, in which case you will only be charged for the products available and prepared.
    How can I pick up my Click & Collect order?
    Simply show the collection code that you will have received by email once your order’s preparation at the store in question has been confirmed.

    Can I place a Click & Collect order for a third party?
    Yes: just remember to give them the collection code emailed to you once your order’s preparation at the store in question has been confirmed.
  •  1/Standard delivery:
    This is not available for all products but only for products that can be shipped.
    You can track your order from your customer account, under "Sign in" then "My orders". Once your order has shipped, you can view the status of your order and access the carrier's online tracking service. In this way, you can see, in real time, if your order is being delivered, has already been delivered, or has been dropped off at a collection point if the recipient is absent or if the mailbox is not accessible. In the latter case, if it is a shipment intended for a third party, please inform the recipient that the parcel is now available. If you can’t yet access the online tracking of your parcel, this means your order is still being finalised in our workshops. If you do not have a customer account, you will not be able to track your order on our website. You will receive a tracking email from the carrier instead.

    Standard shipping charges:
    Home delivery, provided by Colissimo, Chronopost or Chronofresh during the summer period, according to your choice and the geographical areas: Mainland France, including Corsica, and Monaco (excluding Overseas France).
    Delivery costs: €8 by Colissimo,€13 by Chronopost and €16 by Chronofresh.
    For Chronopost, delivery is also possible in Europe in the following countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany at a cost of €16.
    Portugal, Italy and Spain at a cost of €19.

    Delivery times:
    - For Colissimo: delivery time is 3 to 5 working days
    - For Chronopost: delivery time is 1 to 2 working days
    - For Chronofresh: delivery time is 2 working days
    - For Europe zone 1 (Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany): delivery time is 2 working days
    - For Europe zone 2 (Italy, Spain and Portugal): delivery time is 2 working days

    Our workshop prepares orders from Monday to Friday (except on bank holidays) and our carriers do not deliver on Sundays. Orders received on Fridays after 11am are usually prepared and shipped the following Monday.

    Delivery terms:
    For Colissimo: delivery in a mailbox or (depending on the size of the parcel) to a collection point (address on the calling card).
    For Chronopost: parcels must be signed for on arrival, or will be taken to a collection point if this is not possible.
    For Chronofresh: parcels must be signed for on arrival, or another delivery will be attempted if no one is in the first time.

     2/Delivery by courier:
    When you place your order, and depending on the items selected, you may be able to request delivery by courier by agreeing on a set day and a morning or afternoon slot for delivery.
    You cannot choose the store in charge of your order because the system will query the eligible stores based on their inventory and proximity to the delivery address. Not all Jeff de Bruges stores offer a courier delivery service. Depending on the availability of the products selected and the delivery address, delivery by courier may not always be possible.
    The flat rate for this service is €12.

    The delivery times by courier are:
    - Delivery in 24 hours minimum with a morning or afternoon delivery slot.
    - Or a date of your choice with a morning or afternoon delivery slot. In the latter case, you can choose an available date from among the 14 days following the order date.
    Once your order has been confirmed by the store in charge of delivery, you will receive an order confirmation email specifying the delivery slot you have chosen as well as the contact details of the store in charge of your order. The recipient is then informed directly about the delivery.
    An email informs you as soon as the parcel has been transferred to the delivery personnel. The recipient receives an SMS when the order is on its way, specifying an estimated time. You can also track the status of your order in the "My Orders" section. If you don't have an account, you will also receive tracking emails. For any further information, you can contact the store indicated in your order confirmation email.

Our products

  • Most of our products and assortments can be found both in-store and online. Occasionally, a selection of items or specific assortments may only be available in some stores, depending on availability
  • Have a look at the label on the back of the packaging or on the leaflet that comes with the product. For ballotin chocolate boxes filled to order in-store, we do not put a label with a BBD (best-before date). If the box is closed, we recommend eating the chocolates within 8 weeks of purchase to enjoy their taste to the full. Once the box is opened, we recommend eating the chocolates within ten days. In any case, it is advisable to keep the chocolates in a cool and dry place.
  • We recommend that you keep them in a cool, dry place, away from heat and humidity, at a temperature of between 16 and 20 degrees (we do not recommend putting them in the fridge or in a cellar). A cupboard is often the best place
  • The list of allergens is indicated on all packaging and on the product labels in the chocolate display counter. Our sales advisors are also available to answer any questions you may have. They have a detailed list of allergens concerning each chocolate.
    Among the allergens listed, you will find cereals containing gluten, eggs, peanuts, soy, milk (lactose), sesame seeds and nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, etc.).
  • For the best tasting experience, we recommend that you eat your chocolates by the dates indicated on them. However, you can eat them for a few weeks after the date indicated on the packaging without any health risk because this is a best-before date and not a use-by date. That said, we do not guarantee that their taste and visual qualities will remain intact.
  • You can send a message via the "Help (?)" button in the bottom right-hand corner of our website home page, attaching proof of purchase and photos or any other details necessary for us to be able to study your request.
  • This service is only available in-store.
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to make up your own assortment on our website. 
  • The products filled with an assortment of chocolates do not contain alcohol so that they can be enjoyed by as many of our customers as possible. We do offer a few alcohol-based chocolate recipes at certain times of the year. These are well specified and are never added to chocolate assortments.
  • We do not currently have any sugar-free chocolate options. However, we have developed a series of dark and milk chocolate bars with a high cocoa content, as well as Grands Crus squares with cocoa from various origins, so that you can limit your sugar intake while maximising your taste experience.

Our stores

  • The opening hours of our stores are available in the section "Find a store".
  • Stores offering the Click & Collect service or delivery by courier, times and other information can be found under "Find a store". You need to enter the name of the store in question then click on "see the page" and the services available will be displayed.
  • For an in-store purchase, we suggest you contact the franchisee/manager of the store in question directly to tell them about the problem: they will be happy to listen and to find a solution with you. Find the full contact information (manager’s name, telephone no. and email address) on our website under "Find a store".
    Alternatively, you can go to the "Help (?)" section and give us precise details about the problem you encountered (a question or a problem with an order placed online, a problem with a product, etc.).

My account and security

  • To exercise your rights, please send a letter to the following address:
    JEFF DE BRUGES - Service DPO - Parc du Bel Air - 12 avenue Joseph Paxton - 77164 Ferrières en Brie - FRANCE or by email to DPO@jeff-de-bruges.com  Please enclose a copy of a form of ID.

  • If you have lost or forgotten your password, go to "Sign in", "Login" and then "Forgot password". Then enter your email address. You will be emailed a link to reset a new password once your email address has been recognised.

  • If you want to change your password, log in to access the "My account" section, where you can activate editing of your personal information including the password.

Returns (exchanges and refunds)

  • For an in-store purchase, no exchanges or refunds are possible insofar as it is a perishable product which requires careful storage and will not be able to be put back on sale.
    For an online purchase, please read the General Terms and conditions, accessible from the home page of our website.

Gifts from companies, works councils, associations and schools.

  • For any large order, you can contact the nearest store or contact us at the email address "offre-entreprise@jeff-de-bruges.com".
    Please note that we have a specific range of products to meet the needs of companies, organisations or associations. You can see this range of products under "For companies".

  • For more information, please go to https://www.programme-ecoles-jeffdebruges.fr or visit your local store for details about this range.

  • You can contact us at the email address "offre-entreprise@jeff-de-bruges.com" or visit our store for details about this range.


  • So that we can help and see what’s in your basket, please create a customer account.
    To confirm your order, you need to check that you have entered a full billing address with all the information requested.
    If that still doesn't work, you can send a request via the "Help (?)" button on our website specifying the items you want to order and the delivery or collection method you have chosen so that we can help you place your order online.
  • You can send a request via the "Help (?)" button on our website by attaching a photo or a screenshot of the error message that appears or to tell us what the problem is
  • Some products are too fragile to be shipped by standard delivery. In this case, delivery by courier is the only option available. It might also be because the product is out of stock in our workshop which prepares standard shipments.
  • Once your order has been confirmed, it is unfortunately no longer possible to add or replace an item or a message card or to change the recipient's address. 
  • Our website operates with a system of an order being placed, then received: this is when you receive the first email confirming that your order has been placed on our website. However, Click & Collect and courier delivery orders are subject to confirmation by the store in charge of your order, which might no longer have the product in stock.
    In this case, the store in question has to refuse the order and you will not be charged. For PayPal payments, you will be debited the order amount, but this will be automatically refunded if your order is cancelled.
  • The email address you provided when placing your order may have been incorrectly entered, in which case you will not have received a confirmation email telling you the order has indeed been confirmed. If this is the case, please tell us the payment reference (which you can obtain from your bank account). You can do this by sending a message via the "Help (?)" button in the bottom right-hand corner of our website.If you have not been debited, this means the order did not go through and was not confirmed (perhaps you quit the payment confirmation page too early, or the payment was not authorised, etc.).
  • Envoyer une demande via le bouton « Assistance (?) » sur notre site internet en joignant votre numéro de commande ou à défaut l’adresse mail avec laquelle votre commande a été passée. Merci de préciser le ou les articles endommagés, nous vous invitons également à envoyer des photos des produits concernés.
  • Send a request via the "Help (?)" button on our website with your order number or the email address with which your order was placed. Please specify the missing item(s).
  • Unfortunately, if you are unable to pick up your parcel within the timeframe indicated by the carrier, the delivery will be deemed to have taken place and no refund or reshipment of the product to another address will be made. Owing to the perishable nature of the product, we strongly advise you to pick it up at the collection point indicated by the carrier within 24 hours, ready with the calling card and a form of ID.
  • For Click & Collect and courier delivery orders, contact the store in charge of your order directly. You can find our contact information on our website under the heading "Find a store".
  • Unfortunately, delivery personnel do not have access to hospital wards, patients’ rooms or residents’ rooms in retirement homes. Parcels are therefore dropped off at the reception desk or at the goods entrance, where the staff will then take charge of delivering them to the recipient. We would advise checking with the institution in question to make sure they will accept delivery of your order. For information, Jeff de Bruges cannot be held liable for a parcel not reaching its recipient if it can be proven that the institution had duly received it.

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