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Baby showers are a popular event that more and more people enjoy organising and taking part in. This trend originated in the United States and is all about having a great time with family and friends and celebrating the baby's imminent arrival. A baby shower is a moment when mums-to-be can receive a whole host of baby and maternity-related gifts, while a gender reveal party is when the baby's sex is revealed after months of everyone waiting!

Gender reveal parties can be organised in a thousand different creative ways. The aim is to choose a neutral colour scheme that will keep the guests waiting in suspense right up to the moment of the reveal!

Announcing the baby's sex is an important moment shared with family and friends and it can be done in an exciting way, like popping balloons with pink or blue confetti inside. There are numerous ways to announce a baby's gender, some of which can be tasty! You can cut a slice of coloured cake or even choose sugared almonds to hand out to guests at the moment of the gender reveal.

Jeff de Bruges can help you organise the perfect gender reveal party!

What is a gender reveal party?

Like baby showers, gender reveal parties are prenatal celebrations that originated in the United States. Gender reveal parties became popular in the early 2000s to announce the baby’s sex.

A blogger named Jenna Karvunidis is widely known as the person who invented gender reveal parties when she chose to mark the occasion by inviting her friends and family. One thing led to another and photos of the event made the rounds on social networks, sparking a new trend that has now become popular in Europe!

There are many ways to organise a gender reveal party. The parents usually reveal the gender of the baby during the 8th month of pregnancy having already found out themselves before. However, some parents choose to wait until that very day to find out the sex of their baby! When this happens, the midwife usually passes this secret information to someone who has been chosen to organise the reveal party. Sometimes the mother-to-be decides to keep the secret and announce the sex to her partner on this occasion.

The concept of gender reveal parties is to leave everyone in suspense right up until the moment the sex is revealed. To keep everyone guessing, neutral colours or even a mixture of pink and blue can be used to decorate the venue. Some people make coloured balloon arches or opt for a magical theme.

During the gender reveal party, parents can also organise activities for their guests to take part in. For example, predictions can be made by having everyone vote in turns and the winners receive a prize! All bets can be made including the date of birth, weight, height and even the first name.

After games and activities comes the famous moment when everyone finds out the baby's gender! Most often, the organisers choose balloons containing coloured confetti, but some may decide to open a box containing coloured balloons, cut a gender reveal cake or use a confetti cannon or coloured smoke. All that needs to be decided is the colour! Parents do not have to follow the traditional pink and blue colour choices and they can go for a colour code that matches the event's decorations!

A delicious gender reveal party with sugared almonds from Jeff de Bruges

So how about announcing your baby's gender with something completely delicious? Sugared almond favours are a must for celebrating special moments in life, such as weddings and christenings, so why not extend this tradition to a gender reveal party?

There are many different ways of doing this! First, you must decide on a colour code for the chosen party decorations. For example, you could select gold-sugared almonds for a girl and white-sugared almonds for a boy! Many colour combinations are possible as we offer a full range of shades including white, pink, taupe beige, Nattier blue, lime green, gold, ivory, yellow, blue and more.

Sugared almonds are perfect to use for the big announcement. Use a beautiful opaque container to place the sugared almonds in and reveal the gender of the baby by lifting the lid. After the joy and excitement of discovering the baby's gender, the guests can then enjoy a moment of indulgence! Plain sachets can also be prepared to contain the coloured sugared almonds. Before the big moment, each sachet can be distributed to guests for a delicious surprise. It is also a beautiful way for your loved ones to keep a souvenir from this momentous day.

All you need to do is select the perfect sugared almonds for your gender reveal party. We make all kinds of delicious sugared almonds in our workshops including the Avola Élysée, Opéra almonds, Gianduja almonds, palets, caramel hearts with nougat, crêpe dentelle, speculoos, raspberry and even dark chocolate.

Take a look at our catalogue where you will find a wide range of sachets and small containers available for a neutral colour scheme to keep everyone guessing right up to the end! Jeff de Bruges has a wide range of colourful containers to celebrate this important moment including bubbles, boxes, teepees, rainbows, linen pouches, tarlatan pillows and animal bubbles.

Once you've chosen your packaging, the flavours and the colours of the sugared almonds, our teams will prepare your order with the utmost care! Each order is prepared by hand and shipped within 10 days.