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XXL Cube of Classic Marshmallow Bears

Net weight: 524g
  • From €33.20

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Macao box of 40 Grand Cru Carrés

Net weight: 180g
  • €18.40

15 Assorted Chocolates Box with 38% Milk Chocolate Bar

Net weight: 256g
  • €23.45

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15 Assorted Chocolates Box with 80% Dark Chocolate Bar

Net weight: 256g
  • €23.45

Box of 16 palets – 3 recipes

Net weight: 174g
  • €16.15

Box of 25 rochers – 3 recipes

Net weight: 254g
  • €22.95

Footballer milk chocolate lollipop - Father's Day

Net weight: 30g
  • €2.90

Love milk or dark chocolate Lollipop

Net weight: 30
  • €2.80


We all know that chocolate is a delicacy, but it is also something that we love to share with friends and family. So what better pleasure to be had than gifting a box of chocolates?

Since 1986, the Jeff de Bruges Master Chocolatiers have been making delicious, hard-to-resist sweet pleasures at affordable prices for everyone to indulge in. Chocolate is a delicacy that should be shared and so we have put together a selection of gifts for all the special men in your life. Discover the Jeff de Bruges gifts for men and treat your partner, your friends, and your family.

The Jeff de Bruges gifts for men are the perfect presents for anyone who loves chocolate

Chocolate is a delicacy that never fails to please, and for good reason - it comes in a wide variety of flavours that are sure to satisfy every type of sweet tooth.

Since the creation of Jeff de Bruges, we have been committed to exploring the simplicity of chocolate by working with original recipes. Our gifts for men are made with our passion for chocolate but also with the desire to imagine new flavours over and over, bringing new levels of indulgence. So whether you choose marshmallow teddy bears or a box of Grands Crus squares, you can be sure that you're on target to make your loved ones, friends and family happy. Whether for your father, brother, uncle, friend, husband, or boyfriend, treat those special men around you to a delicious chocolate gift that you can enjoy together for a simple but precious shared moment to remember.

A chocolate gift for men - for a special occasion, or simply to make someone happy

Any moment is perfect to offer chocolate and so our gifts for men can be shared or given as a treat for a special occasion or just simply to show you care.

The Jeff de Bruges gift for men is available in a wide range of flavours and sizes.

We are sure all sweet-toothed gourmets will love the milk chocolate and caramel marshmallow teddy bears. These make the perfect gift for not only children but also adults who are familiar with this delicacy from their childhood. The box of Gustaves can be given on any occasion to share with two or more people…guaranteed pleasure all around! What better way to say thank you, encourage someone, celebrate or show your love than with a box of palets, rochers, grand cru squares or assorted chocolates? Not only will you discover Jeff de Bruges’ iconic chocolates, but also a selection of chocolates from over the world made from high-quality cocoa.

For those men in your life, we have selected a wide range of recipes and flavours and our rochers are available in crispy white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. All that is left to do now is choose the perfect chocolate gift for your loved ones to enjoy.