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Round Box of 26 Assorted Chocolates

Net weight: 360g
  • €39.10

Round box of 20 assorted chocolates

Net weight: 250g
  • €28.70

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Rectangular box of 23 assorted chocolates

Net weight: 286g
  • €29.55

Square box of 48 assorted chocolates

Net weight: 605g
  • €52.75

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Square Box 33 Assorted Chocolates

Net weight: 440g
  • €41.40

Macao box of 60 Tasting Carrés

Net weight: 270g
  • €27.60

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Macao box of 60 Grand Cru Carrés

Net weight: 270g
  • €27.60

Macao box of 40 Tasting Carrés

Net weight: 180g
  • €18.30

Macao box of 40 Grand Cru Carrés

Net weight: 180g
  • €18.30

Macao box of 24 Tasting Carrés

Net weight: 108g
  • €11.20

Macao box of 24 Grand Cru Carrés

Net weight: 108g
  • €11.20

207 g box of assorted chocolates and indulgent almonds

Net weight: 198g
  • €17.40

25 Little Meringues Box - 4 Recipes

Net weight: 296g
  • €24.45

315 g box of assorted chocolates and indulgent almonds

Net weight: 306g
  • €25.10

Box of 12 crunchys – 4 recipes

Net weight: 144g
  • €14.35


As a treat for yourself or as a gift, chocolate boxes are undoubtedly the ultimate symbol of chocolate traditions. This box is the perfect opportunity to discover the vast array of Jeff de Bruges chocolates. Each chocolate box is carefully prepared for you to discover delicious new flavours. A treat for you and your loved ones on any occasion. Select your favourite box of chocolates, the format and the assortment and discover the savoir-faire of the Jeff de Bruges chocolate masters.

The perfect boxes of chocolates for moments of pure indulgence

Chocolate makes an appearance throughout the year as it closely follows those special events that we like to celebrate. In the beginning it was customary to arrange praline chocolates in a cone so that everyone could enjoy these treats gradually. After being carefully made by the master chocolatiers, cones are, however, not the most ideal way of storing these beautiful chocolates and keeping them in pristine condition. The box of chocolates was therefore introduced. The chocolates are laid out flat in a box that beautifully frames and showcases them. Chocolate boxes are often given as a gift and placed on a table as a delightful decoration. Chocolate boxes are the perfect way of discovering the delicious world of Jeff de Bruges. Sample in each box some of our iconic creations and leave your taste buds wanting more! All the chocolates you will find in our boxes are prepared with dedication and passion using carefully selected natural ingredients. The cocoa beans we use come from our own plantations in Ecuador and the chocolate used for coating is 100% pure cocoa butter. You will find no traces of hydrogenated vegetable fats, GMOs or palm oil in Jeff de Bruges boxes of chocolates.

Boxes of chocolates are the must-have gift for all occasions

Chocolate is a worldwide treat and when given as a gift, it is sure to please. Boxes of chocolates make special gifts for many occasions to say I love you, thank you, to comfort and as a delicious delight for all the other celebrations that infuse our year. Every year, the Jeff de Bruges chocolatiers strive to invent new recipes to allow people to discover and rediscover simple and authentic flavours. Each chocolate box provides a splendid insight into our savoir-faire. Give in to our rochers, crunchys, meringues, palets, gustaves, chocolate squares and, of course, the assorted chocolate boxes. Our chocolate boxes will appeal to all styles of gourmets, milk chocolate lovers as well as to those who love stronger tasting chocolate. It's up to you now to select the chocolate box that you'll enjoy eating alone and to offer to your loved ones for all occasions. Don’t miss our chocolate guide to help you make your choice and for further information on all our recipes.