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Do you want to wish someone a happy New Year with a delightful sweet treat? New Year's Eve is the ideal moment to give your loved ones a special gift for a happy start to the new year. So why not opt for chocolate? Celebrate New Year's Eve with a gourmet touch from Jeff de Bruges, with specially created gifts for a convivial and original celebration.

The only task at hand is to handpick your New Year's gift in order to surprise your guests!

An intensely chocolate-filled year thanks to the Jeff de Bruges New Year's gifts

When we are celebrating New Year's Eve, we often try to find little gifts to place on the table for our guests. And when our loved ones are far away, we also enjoy sending them gifts to get the year off to a good start.
At Jeff de Bruges, explore our assortment of mouthwatering chocolate treats for the New Year! Our boxes are a perfect blend of elegance and taste, showcasing our most emblematic products. What better way to introduce your guests to the expertise of Jeff de Bruges chocolatiers?

Treat your friends and family to the famous Bruges with its dark chocolate and caramel ganache, the unmissable Chistera with its cherry and Espelette pepper chocolate ganache, the Orphée with its praline and dark chocolate mousse duo, the Nuttine with its crunchy praline and whole caramelised hazelnut and finally let's not forget the Jeff with its famous old-fashioned runny caramel.

You can pick the box of chocolates of your dreams! Each year, Jeff de Bruges designs boxes for the New Year that contain the most delicious specialties, including rochers and meringues. You have the option to provide each guest with a box of delights and the box of 15 assorted chocolates is ideal for this!
Choosing such a tasty New Year's gift is sure to get the New Year off to a good start! Because let's be honest, if there's one resolution you'll never make, it's to stop eating chocolate!

Celebrate the end of the year with personalised chocolates

The Jeff de Bruges New Year's gift is highly unique since it can be customised to your preferences. Our boxes of assorted chocolates include bars on which you can write the message of your choice. You can personalise your bar with up to 24 characters. All you have to do is choose the message you want to send to your guests and loved ones. Start the year off sweetly by sending your best chocolate wishes, with messages including "Tasty New Year”, "Have a great year", "Happy New Year" or any other thoughtful message you prefer.

By giving a personalised chocolate treat, you'll not only create a surprise but also evoke emotions, ensuring an unforgettable New Year's Day filled with shared pleasure.

Your personalised New Year's gift can be integrated into assorted chocolates, but it can also be the centrepiece of your present. Jeff de Bruges has developed the Message Box and these yummy mouth-watering letters! Your message will be written on our distinguished Guayaquil, a silky ganache crafted from Ecuadorian cocoa and dark chocolate. Each chocolate has a letter that can be used to create your message. Decide how long your message will be, and we have boxes of 27 or 18 chocolates available to suit your preferences. Make your New Year's wishes even more unique by combining a personalised chocolate bar with a pretty envelope.

It's not just about celebrating the New Year, but also about sending personalised messages to all your friends, family, and party guests!

Start the year off right with a responsible and humane chocolate gift

It's great to start the year off with a sweet treat, but it's even better when it's high-quality, sustainable chocolate. We firmly believe that good chocolate cannot exist without fair trade, be it for humans or the environment. That's why all Jeff de Bruges chocolates are crafted by respecting both humanity and the environment, embracing the natural cycle and the abundance of nature. We create our chocolates with future generations in mind. For all these reasons, we have opted to not only engage in chocolate making but also in the cultivation of cocoa.

The gift you choose from us for the New Year is also created sustainably. For each of our creations, we find the right balance between flavour, pleasure and cost. We select the finest ingredients and develop innovative recipes, but we always offer chocolates at reasonable prices. Our aim is for Jeff de Bruges to remain a local chocolate maker, in tune with your lives and your sweet tooth.

We strive to enhance the experience of various flavours. Our passion is to help uncover the wonders of our chocolate world. That's why each of our New Year tins is tailored to satisfy all preferences, whether you're a novice or a chocolate connoisseur.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we hope you can provide your New Year's Eve guests with an unforgettable chocolate gift to kick off the new year like never before.

Make 2022 an intensely chocolaty year with the personalization of your wishes on our chocolate bars or our boxes in copper print topped made with "good" chocolates for a "happy new year"!