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Organic Mango Sorbet

  • From €7.90

Organic Strawberry Sorbet

  • From €7.90

Ice creams and sorbets available through our click & collect service in 500ml and 2.3L format but also in pot or cone, to taste anywhere.

Amarena cherry Ice cream

  • From €7.90

Bastogne-Liège Waffle Ice Cream

  • From €7.90
Taste our ice creams anywhere thanks to our 500ml pot or for the greedy our 2.3L bac, than you can pick up in the nearest store thanks to our click & collect service.

Set of 10 Single Scoop Cone

Net weight: 160g
  • €5.00

Vanilla Madagascar Ice Cream

  • From €7.90

Enjoy our glacier know-how wherever you want thanks to our ice creams and sorbets now available in click & collect!

Triple Chocolate Ice Cream

  • From €7.90

Chocolate with Speculoos Ice Cream

  • From €7.90

Set of 10 two Scoops Cone

Net weight: 170g
  • €6.00

Coffee with Meringue Ice Cream

  • From €7.90

Spread Ice Cream

  • From €7.90

Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream

  • From €7.90


Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy our delicious ice creams and sorbets at home?

Whether in a 500ml “pint” or in our 2.3L “pro” dipping tub, take advantage of our Click & Collect service throughout our over 400 stores in France.
For your ice cream parties at home, you can choose from our unique flavours of artisanal ice creams and organic sorbets and pick up some of our “French style” waffle cones with a hint of Madagascar Vanilla.

Don’t hesitate to try our Click & Collect service in a store near you and enjoy your favourite Jeff de Bruges flavours at home!