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Square box of 48 assorted chocolates

Net weight: 605g
  • €53.20

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750 g ballotin of assorted chocolates

Net weight: 750g
  • €41.70

Box of 25 fruits paste duos

Net weight: 395g
  • €29.80

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Choco'mauves - bucket of assorted marshmallow bears

Net weight: 653g
  • €30.30

Metal box of assorted two hazelnuts gianduja

Net weight: 260g
  • €22.70

Rectangular box of 23 assorted chocolates

Net weight: 286g
  • €29.80

Round box of 20 assorted chocolates

Net weight: 250g
  • €28.90

Two hazelnuts giandujas sachet

Net weight: 130g
  • €9.60


If chocolate is an art, it is also a matter of indulgence and pleasure. As a chocolatier since 1986, Jeff de Bruges is committed to helping you discover new flavours and giving you the possibility to enjoy chocolate in a simple, affordable and delicious way.

To satisfy everyone's sweet tooth, we have developed a range of chocolate gifts specially dedicated to the family. Discover our selection of gifts for the family and choose the perfect box that will be sure to amaze everyone.

A chocolate gift to please the whole family

Jeff de Bruges’ chocolate is creative, yet affordable. It is also the simple pleasure of sharing a moment of indulgence with family or friends. What better pleasure than to treat a loved one to a box of chocolates? Our chocolatiers are true pioneers of flavour, and together they create authentic and unique chocolates beautifully presented in boxes for all members of the family. The Jeff de Bruges chocolate experience is also about listening to our customers and creating boxes of chocolate that you will enjoy giving as a special treat to your loved ones. Parents, children, grandparents, cousins, aunts, nephews…each member of the family can have their own chocolate gift!

At Jeff de Bruges, we are convinced that chocolate is a pleasure that should be enjoyed every day and that's why there is no set time to give a box of chocolates. You can create the perfect occasion to share and enjoy together as a family.

How to choose this tasty gift for the family

Chocolate is a simple, tasty treat that warms hearts on any occasion. Whether it's to celebrate Christmas or Easter, to say I love you, or to say thank you, chocolate always makes people smile. So what better gift than a box of chocolates that everyone can enjoy together? Choose the gift for your family according to the occasion and the message you wish to send. We have put together an essential assortment of chocolates to be selected in the desired size. You can find all the favourite iconic chocolates of Jeff de Bruges for those special family moments together.

To satisfy every chocolate lover you can also discover our box of 25 crunchy rochers that come in white, milk and dark chocolate praline. You can also spend family moments together with our scrumptious dark chocolate and marshmallow bombs. This is the perfect gift for enjoying chilly winter evenings with the family with a delicious mug of hot chocolate.

Whatever gift you choose, rest assured you will bring joy with these delicious, original and carefully crafted treats by the Master chocolatiers who work at Jeff de Bruges.