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Round metal box with wide ribbon

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Sugared almonds are sweets that can often be given as favours at christenings. Popped into delicate sachets, these sugared almonds are distributed to guests so that everyone can keep a souvenir of the event. Almond-shaped and delicately coloured, these sweets come in a wide range of flavours that are sure to please young and old alike.

Discover the christening sugared almond favours made in the Jeff de Bruges workshops. Choose their flavours, colours, and pouch and create a unique gift that suits you.

Why give christening favours?

The sugared almond is a symbol of love that is given at weddings, but it is also a delicacy that can be found at christenings, births and communions. Initially, these sweets were eaten at the royal courts of Europe to mark the occasions of major events. At the time, they were called "room spices" and were eaten to help digestion, but they were also eaten as they thought they helped combat sterility. Since then, these christening favours have honoured guests in many countries by symbolising fertility, love, happiness, abundance and longevity. In the past, christening favours were thrown at the guests as they left the church by the godfather and godmother. 

Nowadays, they are offered in delicate pouches that are placed on tables or given to the guests at the end of the celebration.

Traditionally, the sugared almond is made up of almonds which are coated with a very thin, smooth and hard layer of sugar. This coating is coloured in pastel shades such as blue or pink. Today these favours are available in a wide range of flavours and colours, which you can discover in the Jeff de Bruges catalogue.

How to choose your christening sugared almonds?

The christening sugared almonds from Jeff de Bruges are made in our workshop with care and attention. We fill each box, personalise it by hand and deliver your favours to you within 10 days.

To celebrate a christening, you can choose from one of our original cases such as the rainbow case, the crystal ball, the baby love bubble or even the ribboned organdy pouch for a traditional touch. Choose your taffeta ribbon from a selection of 18 different colours. To personalise your christening favours choose from around 22 colours for the perfect label and decoration.

Then comes the choice of flavours for your christening favours! Here in our workshops, you can find three types of tasty top-quality almonds: Avola, Opera or Gianduja. You decide which one you prefer. For even more choices, discover the chocolate almonds that come in caramel, nougat, crêpe dentelle, speculoos, raspberry and dark chocolate flavours. If you are looking for something a little more original, we have also designed heart-shaped or palet-shaped sweets. These are guaranteed to make the children happy!

How to choose the colour and personalisation for your christening favours

Sugared almond christening favours are not just sweet treats, they are also beautiful decorative items that you can use to brighten up your guests' tables. Selecting the appropriate container, colour and shape for your sugared almonds is crucial.

When celebrating a christening, it's customary to choose the colour of the sugared almonds according to the child's sex - pale pink for girls and sky blue for boys! However, you can break away from these traditions by opting for brightly coloured christening favours. We create a full range of sugared almonds in pastel shades ranging from blue and pink to beige, gold, red, orange, yellow and lime green. You can therefore choose the colour of your sugared almonds according to the decorative mood you wish to set for the celebration. Sugared almond favours can create a harmonious colour scheme.

Personalising the sugared almond gift boxes will also allow you to stay in tune with your decoration. At Jeff de Bruges not only can you choose the colour of your ribbon, but you can also choose the colour of the text to place on the ribbon or the label of the gift box. Depending on the type of gift box or pouch you choose, you can also select additional decorations such as a teddy bear's head, a heart or a cross. At Jeff de Bruges, we offer you a wide range of personalisation options that will make your christening celebration unique!

Our workshop is dedicated to creating christening favours that are as delicious as they are beautiful!

How do I order christening favours?

We will take you through the steps to help you order your christening favours.

First of all, browse our catalogue and select the design that suits you and the theme of your celebration. Once you've chosen your gift box, you can follow the step-by-step process of personalising your christening favours. Start by selecting the colour of your sugared almonds. You can choose up to three different colours. Depending on the colours you choose, you can then decide which flavour of sugared almonds you would like to offer your guests.

You can also personalise your decorative ribbon by choosing from a range of 18 colours, from white and taupe beige to parma violet and lagoon green. Depending on the packaging you have selected, you can also add coloured text to the ribbon or label.

All you have to do at this stage is tell us the text you want on the case and then choose the colour of the writing. Finally, choose a small accessory you wish to decorate your gift box with and that’s all there is to it!

Once your order has been placed, our workshop teams will prepare your christening favours within 10 days.