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Christmas candle holder with chocolates

Net weight: 110
  • €15.50

Big christmas candle holder with chocolates

Net weight: 130
  • €19.70

Box of 19 praliné Christmas characters

Net weight: 245g
  • €16.20

Blue Christmas mug with 2 hearts hot chocolate bomb

Net weight: 100g
  • €18.00

Blue Christmas mug with its assorted chocolates

Net weight: 140g
  • €19.35

Choco'Pralines Box

Net weight: 300g
  • €18.50

Chocolate almonds box

Net weight: 240g
  • €18.95

Choped marrons glacés box

Net weight: 250g
  • €18.40

70% dark chocolate orangettes box

Net weight: 280g
  • €19.60

Box of 16 palets – 4 recipes

Net weight: 174g
  • €16.15

Box of 16 marzipan fruits

Net weight: 242g
  • €19.65

198 g box of assorted chocolates and chocolate almonds

Net weight: 198g
  • €17.55

Box of 16 rochers – 4 recipes

Net weight: 164g
  • €15.60

Box of 16 petites meringues – 4 recipes

Net weight: 188g
  • €16.95

Macao box of 40 Grand Cru Carrés

Net weight: 180g
  • €18.40

Macao box of 40 Tasting Carrés

Net weight: 180g
  • €18.40


The countdown to Christmas is on! Now is the time to think about the gifts you want to give and create your wish list for Santa. Throughout December, the lead-up to the festive season is also an opportunity to organise social events with colleagues, friends and family.

And yes, Secret Santa is one of them! This Christmas party is the perfect occasion for exchanging gifts of all sorts during an evening, or simply for bringing the 'ugly Christmas jumper' day to a close in style!

And what if this year, your Secret Santa, was centred around the theme of something delicious? Jeff de Bruges is here to help!

Why not choose a Secret Santa gift that's original and chocolatey?

The concept of Secret Santa is to bring friends, family or colleagues together for a joyful occasion in December. The rules of this event are simple: party members draw names at random to determine who they will give a gift to. You can also determine a maximum budget, and sometimes a theme. While some choose a funny gift theme, why not opt for something delicious instead?

Jeff de Bruges chocolatiers are delighted to help you with your Secret Santa by offering you a wide range of chocolate gifts, all selected for their incredible flavours and also their price!

That's right, at Jeff de Bruges you can find Secret Santa gifts for a budget of less than 20 euros!

A wide choice of Secret Santa gifts for under 20 euros

At Jeff de Bruges, we value good cocoa and maintaining a strong customer connection. That's why we're committed to offering you quality chocolates at fair prices.

We've chosen a wonderful selection of gifts for your most indulgent Secret Santa recipient. Let your colleagues, friends or family enjoy a delicious break with a Macao box containing no fewer than 40 squares of chocolates in a variety of flavours. Explore our range of tasty boxes filled with delights, perfect for enjoying alone or sharing, such as our Almond and Chocolate boxes.

Brighten up someone's festive season and opt for a delicious box of chopped marrons glacés, a Christmas candle jar containing tasty surprises or fruit jellies carefully placed in a beautiful metal jar that can be kept. The fabulous box of 19 praline chocolates, shaped like Christmas characters, is a thrilling find for fans of Christmas magic. Treats shaped like snowmen, reindeer, and Father Christmas can be savoured by gourmets throughout December.