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Round Box of 26 Assorted Chocolates

Net weight: 360g
  • €39.10

Message box - 18 milk & dark chocolates

Net weight: 222g
  • €20.65

From 23th of January to 05th of February,
3 hearts in chocolate offered from 23 € of purchase.

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Message box - 27 milk and dark chocolates

Net weight: 335 g
  • €28.25

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15 Assorted rochers Box with Chocolate Bar

Net weight: 233g
  • €21.85

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Message box - 18 dark chocolates

Net weight: 222g
  • €20.65

15 Assorted Chocolates Box with 80% Dark Chocolate Bar

Net weight: 256g
  • €23.00

Message box - 27 dark chocolates

Net weight: 335g
  • €28.25

15 Assorted Chocolates Box with 38% Milk Chocolate Bar

Net weight: 256g
  • €23.00

Square Box 33 Assorted Chocolates

Net weight: 440g
  • €41.40

Message box - 27 milk chocolates

Net weight: 335g
  • €28.25


Since 1986, Jeff de Bruges has been making tasty and innovative chocolates for each and everyone. We cultivate our passion for chocolate and promote the requirement for quality products for you to enjoy or give to someone as a gift. Not only can you enjoy giving that special someone chocolate, but you can also take the time to add a personalised message for an additional meaningful touch. To make the perfect gift, the Jeff de Bruges team brings you a selection of personalised chocolate that will take you by surprise.

Personalised chocolate guarantees an emotional surprise

For all major celebrations and special occasions, it is quite traditional to gift a box of chocolates. Milk or dark, chocolate is a delicacy that is guaranteed to please. Not only do we find chocolate at Easter, Christmas, and Valentine's Day, it is also used to celebrate birthdays, to say thank you, and to wish someone good luck. In short, chocolate conveys an important symbolic message. To strengthen this message, the Jeff de Bruges’s teams have created a selection of chocolate that can be personalised. The principle is simple, you choose your message, and we take care of transcribing it carefully onto a chocolate bar of your choice. In addition to a delicious, personalised bar of chocolate, your loved ones can also enjoy an assortment of chocolates that they can savour while thinking about this thoughtful gesture. The traditional box of chocolates will come as a wonderful surprise full of heartfelt emotions to remember. The pleasure of the message will be shared!

How do you choose your personalised chocolate?

Our boxes of personalised chocolates are presented as an assortment of chocolates with an added chocolate bar where your message can be written. You can choose whichever message you would like to add here so long as it does not exceed 24 characters! So, start finding your inspiration to create a beautiful message! The personalised chocolate is then carefully placed in a box with a transparent lid which is then delicately attached with our famous bow. Your personalised box of chocolates is now ready to give to that special someone to discover your delicate message that you have prepared for them. For your loved ones, the personalised chocolate bar is available in two types from Ecuador: dark chocolate 80% cocoa and milk chocolate 38% cocoa. So they can fully enjoy this delicious moment, each personalised chocolate bar is accompanied by a selection of the best of Jeff de Bruges’s chocolates. You will find the Bruges, the famous gianduja cone, Jeff's House, the Feuillantine, the Mini White Rocher, the Amande Choconougat, the Sévillana and the Palets JB in dark and milk chocolate. A whole world of chocolate and delicious flavours is available to you! Choose which chocolate you want to personalise according to your budget, but also according to the sweet tooth of the person who will receive the gift. Our personalised chocolates are available in 734 grams (for the biggest gourmands!) and 258 grams.