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Chocolate duo heart plate - 90 g

Net weight: 90
  • €13.85

Declare your love through our chocolate duo heart plate that you can customize!

Chocolate duo heart plate - 145 g

Net weight: 145
  • €22.75

Small red or white Valentine's heart box

Net weight: 272
  • €27.85

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Love milk or dark chocolate Lollipop

Net weight: 30
  • €2.80

15 Assorted Chocolates Box with 80% Dark Chocolate Bar

Net weight: 256g
  • €23.40

15 Assorted Chocolates Box with 38% Milk Chocolate Bar

Net weight: 256g
  • €23.40


If there is a traditional chocolate celebration that we love to prepare for at Jeff de Bruges, it’s Valentine’s Day. This celebration dates back a long way and is the perfect opportunity to treat and enjoy chocolates together with your loved one. It is also an opportunity to declare your love with a personalised gift. At Jeff de Bruges show how much you love someone by adding a few romantic words directly to the chocolate squares! Choose a unique gift for your loved one by selecting the Valentine's Day chocolates and make the 14th of February even more special.

Valentine's Day chocolate - a traditional sweet treat!

Even though it is quite common to give chocolates on Valentine's day, this celebration goes back a long way and was not necessarily always celebrated with chocolate. For several centuries, it was customary to send letters or romantic notes to show your love for someone. These small notes then began to take the form of cards which were accompanied by boxes of chocolates.

Although chocolate is something we gift on several occasions throughout the year, it has a very strong symbolic value when it comes to celebrating love. The Aztecs saw chocolate as having aphrodisiac properties and the molecule in chocolate was even called "the molecule of love". The tradition of writing someone a loving note on Valentine's Day combined with the symbolism of chocolate naturally gave rise to the famous Valentine's Day chocolates. At the very end of the 19th century, an English chocolatier had the idea of presenting chocolates in a heart-shaped box! It was customary for the box to also be used to collect the romantic words exchanged by lovers.

Valentine's Day chocolate - a romantic and delicious gift

What greater pleasure could there be than to treat your loved one to a beautiful selection of chocolates? With milk, dark and white chocolate to choose from, Valentine's Day chocolate is a must and is sure to please as you can select the perfect flavour according to the person’s tastes.

Discover our delectable chocolate boxes at Jeff de Bruges and you can also personalise this sweet gift. Add your own personal message directly onto the chocolate for that guaranteed wow factor on 14th February! Treat your loved one to some of our mouth-watering pure cocoa butter chocolates (without palm oil) and celebrate your love together with this unique romantic statement. The Valentine's Day celebration is for everyone, with chocolate boxes to suit all budgets and tastes. Choose a box of either 18 or 27 chocolates or opt for an assorted box to which you can add a personalised bar.