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The baby is coming soon! It's time to organise a baby shower before the day of the birth! Originally from the United States, baby showers are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Friends and family can celebrate the imminent arrival of a new baby with gifts for the mother. Sugared almonds and chocolates can therefore provide a moment of indulgence for everyone.

Baby showers are often organised around a particular theme. At Jeff de Bruges you can select your favourite colourful sugared almonds to match the party décor! Spread these sugared almond favours around for all the guests to enjoy or pop them in a pretty box or pouch and give them as a memento of this joyous day!

Discover the catalogue carefully concocted by the Jeff de Bruges teams to celebrate your baby shower in style.

What is a baby shower?

The concept of baby showers originated in the USA and recent years has become increasingly popular in Europe much in the same way gender reveal parties have. Usually, baby showers are planned as a surprise by the expectant mother's closest friends. The friends come together and keep the party a secret to surprise the mother-to-be with this special gathering. Baby showers are either organised at the home of the parents-to-be, or at the home of the person who has planned the surprise party.

They are usually held in the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. The birth date is not too close so the mother-to-be is comfortable enough to enjoy herself with family and friends. But why do we call it a baby shower?

The name simply comes from the expression "to shower someone with gifts"! Baby showers are the perfect moment to give mum and baby a whole host of gifts that are generally practical and useful for the first few months of the family's life.

It is also a wonderful moment to discuss and share stories and advice on how to approach the first few days of a new life with a baby. The mother-to-be can take part in fun activities and games and enjoy yummy sweet treats that decorate the party.

For example, in the United States, guests sometimes make a cake in the shape of a baby's bottle or a nappy!

Friends and family are also in charge of organising maternity-related games including quizzes, or guests can have fun customising a babygrow and even writing messages or wishes for the baby to open when he or she gets older.

The decorative theme of the baby shower is usually linked to the sex of the future baby (if the future parents agree to reveal this information). If the sex of the baby has yet to be revealed you can opt for a neutral decoration, animal or nature theme or even a fairy tale theme! It's all up to the mother's personal preferences. Friends get together to prepare how to decorate the baby shower venue. Opting for coloured sugared almonds presented in transparent containers to show them off is a beautiful idea. Large bowls of colourful sugared almonds can also be placed on the tables for the guests to tuck into!

Celebrate the baby with our special baby shower selection!

A baby shower is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the arrival of a new baby joyfully and deliciously. Surrounded by her closest friends and family, the mother plays games, receives lots of gifts and enjoys many tasty treats!

Jeff de Bruges is here to help you celebrate this important moment with a comprehensive selection of sugared almonds to give to guests as souvenirs and to scatter around the reception room for a colourful decoration.

Choose a pretty box or pouch to hold your sugared almonds in that coordinates with the baby shower theme. Our catalogue includes animal-shaped boxes, transparent bubbles, delicately embossed paper boxes, linen or organdy pouches, tarlatan pillows and even teepee-shaped containers!

Add colourful ribbons to the packaging, as well as small personalised labels on which you can write the date of the baby shower, for example.

The baby shower organisers will enjoy distributing small pouches or boxes of sugared almonds to the guests including the mother for everyone to keep a beautiful souvenir of this special day.

Jeff de Bruges’ sugared almonds are the perfect way to treat yourself to delicacies carefully concocted in our workshop. We offer several varieties of sugared almonds to suit all tastes including Avola elysée, almond opera, and almond gianduja. There is a type of almond to suit every sweet tooth!

And for those who prefer chocolate, you will also find delicious chocolate heart favours, as well as a wide range of tasty varieties including nougat, caramel, crêpe dentelle, speculoos, raspberry and 70% dark chocolate.

A real rainbow of colour is created within our workshop with our full range of sugared almond favours. Choose from white, pink, petunia pink, Indian pink, watermelon red, mandarin orange, yellow, ivory, taupe beige, gold, silver, blue, lavender blue, turquoise blue, Nattier blue, lagoon green and lime green! 

You can choose your favourite colour or colours to suit your tastes and also the decorative theme you've chosen for the baby shower. You can also match the colour of your sugared almonds to their taffeta ribbon and your personalised label.

Our workshop teams prepare all your orders with care and attention. All containers are filled and personalised by hand within 10 days.