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Key figures

  • N°1 chocolate brand
  • 524 stores, 475 in France and 49 abroad
  • 21 new stores/takeovers in 2021
  • €450k in mean annual revenues in our network

The secrets of Jeff de Bruges' success

From the cacao trees grown in our plantations in Ecuador to the chocolates fashioned in our factories in Belgium and the recipes created by our master chocolatiers, at Jeff de Bruges we master every step in the chocolate-making process.

We’re proud to have forged an exceptional reputation that makes us a leading player in the chocolatier market.

With our unique marketing savvy, we’re able to conceive more than 25 window displays a year, setting the stage to bring your store to life for the major events on the calendar. And of course there’s also our store concept, communications tools and seasonal offering…

Our know-how

We want to share with our customers the thing that drives everything we do: high-quality chocolate at an affordable price that makes people want to keep coming back for more. That’s why we like to vary our inspirations and interpretations so that there’s a chocolate to suit everyone’s tastes. Our dedicated and passionate master chocolatiers put all their craftsmanship into creating new recipes in our factories in Belgium to bring you novel combinations of tastes and textures.

We never compromise on the quality of our chocolates. Our recipes are developed with meticulous attention to detail from naturally sourced ingredients and without hydrogenated vegetable oils, GMOs* or palm oil. Naturally, all our couverture chocolate is guaranteed 100% pure cocoa butter.

* Genetically Modified Organism

Ice-creams and dragees – our seasonal offering

Chocolate is a very seasonal product and we soon realized we needed something extra for the months from April to September: our dragees.

We also have ice cream for the warmer months, with a palette of concepts to suit different kinds of stores. Our range of sorbets and ice creams is made by artisans.

So opening a Jeff de Bruges store is the chance for you to develop a multifaceted business.

Living for chocolate

brings enjoyment to your life