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Crispy filled chocolate egg dark

Net weight: 250g

    Crispy filled milk chocolate egg

    Net weight: 240g

      Basile milk chocolate bunny with Easter treats

      Net weight: 158g
      • €14.30

      Tin of sardines

      Net weight: 140g
      • €13.80

      15 Assorted Chocolates Box with 80% Dark Chocolate Bar

      Net weight: 256g
      • €23.45

      15 Assorted Chocolates Box with 38% Milk Chocolate Bar

      Net weight: 256g
      • €23.45


      If there is a celebration that Jeff de Bruges's master chocolatiers love to prepare for, it’s Easter! Easter is a wonderful occasion revealing culinary creations that are as imaginative as they are tasty. Every year, the Jeff de Bruges catalogue is enriched with assorted chocolates and different shapes to delight young and old. Discover our selection of Easter chocolates and choose the perfect gift to make your family happy.

      Easter Chocolates - a tasty tradition!

      Easter is all about celebrating happiness and good food. For this occasion, our master chocolatiers celebrate the event by creating an array of chocolate eggs in many shapes including rabbits, chickens, cows and fish.

      These chocolate-shaped eggs are made to represent two important and symbolic words that are always associated with Easter: spring and renewal. Eggs were given as long ago as ancient times to bring good luck and fertility. The Persians used to decorate ostrich eggs to celebrate the return of spring. Easter can also be a time when we celebrate the end of the 40-day Lent period when traditionally people did not eat eggs! When the Lenten fast was broken, those families with chickens were left with a beautiful collection of eggs to give to each other on Easter Sunday!

      Easter chocolate as we know it today originated in the 18th century, when the idea of filling eggs with melted chocolate was introduced! Gradually, chocolatiers perfected their art which leads to the creation of many beautiful chocolate shapes. Easter chocolate now comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes that are enjoyed by the whole family.

      A delicious range of Easter chocolates for young and old alike

      Easter is the perfect occasion to make delicate and joyful chocolate creations. Every year the Jeff de Bruges master chocolatiers create a selection of assorted chocolates and a range of different chocolate-shaped rabbits, chickens, fish and, of course, eggs! To add to this yummy collection, we also make small delicious chocolate fish and praline eggs. You’ll be pleased to hear that we also offer you the opportunity to make up your own bags of coloured eggs so you can start organising your egg hunt.

      Milk, dark or white chocolate...every Easter egg is sure to please children and adults alike!
      Easter chocolate is also a time when our master chocolatiers can demonstrate their savoir-faire by making beautiful personalised creations. Make your gifts unique and personalise your eggs by adding your loved ones' names to them. This special individual touch will definitely put a smile on their face!

      Not only do we want to provide Easter chocolates that are full of flavour and delight but we also want our selection to be environmentally responsible and so our recipes are made without palm oil, hydrogenated vegetable fats, or GMOs. There is no better way to enjoy Easter in complete peace of mind and with a touch of deliciousness!