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18 Brussels Truffles box

Net weight: 210g
  • €14.75

Brussels Truffles Cone

Net weight: 192g
  • €12.40

Fruit jelly Box

Net weight: 250g
  • €14.85

250 g Assorted Chocolates Ballotin

Net weight: 250g
  • €13.90

Choco'mauves - large box of assorted marshmallow bears

Net weight: 306g
  • €11.70

Macao box of 24 Grand Cru Carrés

Net weight: 108g
  • €11.30

Macao box of 24 Tasting Carrés

Net weight: 108g
  • €11.30

Bag of cerisettes

Net weight: 180g
  • €13.30

Bag of 11 Aix calissons

Net weight: 146g
  • €10.35


Jeff de Bruges chocolatiers love the Secret Santa tradition! At this festive event, where originality and sharing are the focus, it's the perfect time to surprise someone with a gourmet gift.
The principle behind Secret Santa is that everyone receives a gift, all on a set budget. Friends, colleagues, and families unite for unforgettable and convivial gatherings!

So that your Secret Santa gifts are as original as they are delicious, Jeff de Bruges has selected a wide range of gifts for a maximum budget of 15 euros. Don't waste a second. Discover them today and select that special treat that will make your recipient's heart race.

Secret Santa, an original and festive tradition

Secret Santa is a tradition that originated in the United States and Canada. If, however, we go back a little further in time, we also find mention of this holiday in Europe, particularly in the Netherlands, where, for centuries, Sinterklaas was celebrated. The Dutch used to exchange "surprises" and poems with one another after a draw of names.

What sets Secret Santa apart is its fun and friendly aspect. This celebration is an unmissable tradition at American universities, where original, funny, and surprising gifts are a must! To honour this tradition, why not opt for a delicious chocolate gift? Jeff de Bruges will help you find the perfect gift, all for a maximum budget of 15 euros!

To celebrate the festive season, we are continuing our annual tradition of offering you iconic chocolates. For less than 15 euros, you'll find our famous truffles, marrons glacés and also beautiful chocolate-shaped Santas.

Choose a gift for Secret Santa within a 15-euro budget.

Celebrate Secret Santa with delicious chocolate gifts from Jeff de Bruges, all for under 15 euros! Discover our Christmas character-shaped chocolates, opt for the decorated chocolate Santa Claus at 12.25 euros or a large Santa at 14.90 euros!

Make someone's day with one of our iconic festive treats, like the bags of marron glacés or truffle cones, guaranteed to satisfy even the most refined tastes! Create lasting memories this festive season with our Christmas mug filled with delicious choco pralines and lollipops. It's the perfect Secret Santa gift for a colleague. Explore our wide selection of tasty gifts at Jeff de Bruges for a Secret Santa gift for under 15 euros. This year, offer your friends or colleagues the pleasure of enjoying a yummy treat by the warm fire with a box of marshmallow bears or bombs that will add an explosive touch to their comforting hot chocolate experience.