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XXL Cube of Classic Marshmallow Bears

Net weight: 524g
  • From €33.20

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XXL Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Bear

Net weight: 30g
  • €1.75


What better way to bring childhood memories flooding back than with a marshmallow teddy bear? At Jeff de Bruges, we are dedicated to reinventing chocolate and sharing new flavours. Whether for a regular or occasional sweet treat, or for dark or milk chocolate fans, we strive to cater for all types of chocolate lovers and gourmands. Chocolate is all about taste and indulgence and so it was important for us to revisit a special recipe and let you discover or rediscover the famous marshmallow teddy bear. Choose a box of marshmallow teddy bears and dive into a sweet tasting world any time of the day. 

The marshmallow teddy bear is not just for children!

The marshmallow teddy bear is an iconic symbol of French confectionery. It has been enjoyed for over 60 years by young and old alike and plays a leading role in those precious moments of sharing. The recipe for the teddy bear is simple, but incontestable and wonderfully combines the tenderness of marshmallow with the crunchiness of the coated chocolate. The marshmallow teddy bear is a soft treat that adults loved as children and still enjoy today. This sweet treat continues to delight gourmets from generation to generation. Jeff de Bruges has taken this iconic and timeless confection and put it into colourful boxes for you to either give as a gift or to keep and enjoy yourself! Without a doubt, marshmallow teddy bear fans will not be able to resist them.

The marshmallow teddy bear revisited with a real explosion of flavours

Jeff de Bruges is the perfect combination between traditional chocolate-making savoir-faire and innovative and original recipes. The marshmallow teddy bear comes in its original version, but it is also available in a collection of delicious new flavours. Milk or dark chocolate coating, it is up to you to decide which heavenly delicacy is your favourite. These delightful marshmallow teddy bears are presented in boxes of 24 to be shared and enjoyed by the whole family, so that children can get a taste of a traditional sweet treat! The classic marshmallow bear is also available in milk chocolate and apricot, milk chocolate and caramel and milk chocolate and strawberry! You are bound to adore these new mouth-watering recipes, which combine the sweetness of marshmallow with the highly gourmet flavours of fruit jellies and delicious salted butter caramel. To prolong the enjoyment so this treat can be shared even longer, we have also created an XXL version of the marshmallow teddy bear box. You will find an assortment of 27 bears and 9 maxi bears that will delight the whole family and satisfy every teddy bear fan! If the marshmallow and chocolate combination is something that you cannot resist then discover the Heart Bomb. This new Jeff de Bruges product with its explosion of marshmallow flavours can be melted in hot milk for a special cocooning moment of pure indulgence.