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The beautiful follies

The beautiful follies

Our Easter chocolates are waiting for you to devour even after Easter. 🍫
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Do you love our chocolates? You will like our sugared almonds! Birth, baby shower, baptism, communion, wedding... Mark the occasion during your big events.
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To answer to this peckish during the day, discover our snacking collection: these sweets go with you everywhere!
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Chocolatier & cacao grower

The cacao beans we use for our chocolate come from our own plantations in Ecuador.
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Capucine milk chocolate bunny filled with Easter treats

Net weight: 158g
  • €14.30 €9.44

Box of milk and dark chocolate fish

Net weight: 230g
  • €13.15 €8.68

Pablo milk chocolate duck filled with Easter treats

Net weight: 158g
  • €14.30 €9.44

Marcel milk chocolate cock filled with Easter treats

Net weight: 102g
  • €8.35 €5.51

Jenny milk chocolate lolly

Net weight: 30g
  • €2.90

Adèle milk chocolate bunny filled with Easter treats

Net weight: 102g
  • €8.35 €5.51

Message box with filled eggs chocolates - 3 lines - Easter

Net weight: 335g
  • €28.80 €19.01

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If today Jeff de Bruges is elected "Favorite brand of the French*", it's thanks to you!
This distinction is a big pride for the teams who sharing with you the passion of chocolate. So, simply, T.H.A.N.K.S 💖

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For your events

Wedding, baptism, communion... Mark the occasion with our delicious sugared almonds.

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A creation in our image

All our savoir-faire in a sweet case with 2 trays.
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Our plantations

Immerse yourself in the heart of our plantations in Ecuador and discover all the stages of cocoa cultivation in video! Go to the "About Jeff" section.