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Delicate sugared almond sweets are a delicious tradition for celebrating christenings, communions and weddings. Representing happiness, the sugared almond can today be found in a vast range of flavours, shapes and colours.

The Jeff de Bruges teams are pleased to present their selection for you to choose your communion favours as well as the packaging for them to be carefully placed into, for your loved ones to keep as a souvenir of this special day.

Why should you give communion favours?

The sugared almond is a very old tradition that is generally associated with symbols of abundance, happiness and fertility. It is even associated with mythological symbols, such as the love story of Demophon and Phyllis. The sugared almond dates back to the 13th century when a solution was needed to preserve almonds during their transportation. An apothecary in France decided to coat the almonds with honey and sugar and so the first form of sugared almond was born!

For several centuries, however, sugared almonds remained a rare product that was eaten mainly by the upper class. In the 18th century, the modern sugared almond gradually began to take shape and this sweet began to appear on guests’ tables at weddings, communions and christening celebrations. The sugared almond communion favour marks this important occasion by bringing hope and goodwill. The almond-shaped favour is a widespread symbol in the Christian religion, which is why it can be found at each religious ceremony.

Although the communion favour is traditionally composed of an almond covered in sugar, the Jeff de Bruges teams also offer you the chance to discover new flavours that are sure to please young and old alike.

Communion favours that are carefully made in our workshop

Choose the perfect package for your communion favours from our selection of organza bags, linen pouches or delicate, carefully decorated boxes and then take pleasure in selecting the sweets to go in them. All the communion favours we offer are prepared in our workshop with the greatest care. Our teams also fill and personalise each box by hand and deliver them to you within 10 days.

To delight your sweet-toothed guests and to mark this special event, the Jeff de Bruges teams have created a wide range of flavours and colours. You will of course find the essential sugared chocolate and almond communion favours but you may also be tempted by the Avola Élysée almond with its elegant taste, the Opéra almond with its sweet soft flavour or the Gianduja almond and its crunchiness. Those with a real sweet tooth will also love the caramel, nougat, crêpe dentelle, speculoos, raspberry or Ecuador cocoa communion versions.

After you’ll need to choose the colour of your communion favours and our workshop has created a wide range of pastel colours that you can of course match with your personalised ballotin.