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Net weight: 30g
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Round metal box with wide ribbon

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The sugared almond is a very old sweet that can be given as a gift to celebrate special events. We give them at weddings, christenings and also to announce a birth. When given to loved ones, these symbolic sugared almonds deliver a message of happiness and a promise of indulgence. At Jeff de Bruges, we have created a range of colourful and tasty birth favours that you and your friends and family will enjoy discovering and savouring.

Choose your birth announcement favours from our catalogue and select the beautifully decorated packaging that will present them.

Celebrate the birth of your baby with birth announcement favours

These sugared-coated almonds are a delicacy that can be found in the most beautiful moments of our lives. These sweets can be given to guests at weddings or christenings, and also given to loved ones to announce the birth of a child. It is therefore customary after selecting the packaging, to add the date of birth and the baby's first name on. The reason why sugared almonds are given on special occasions is that these sweets are truly symbolic. The first symbol is that of love and which could be linked back to the mythological story of Demophon, Phyllis and the almond tree. These sweets are also associated with happiness, wealth, fertility and longevity.

Today, the sugar-coated favours that are beautifully presented are given to friends and family to mark the birth of a child. This delicacy can be enjoyed and then kept in memory of this happy event. Traditionally, birth announcement favours come in blue or pink sugar coatings, depending on the sex of the baby. Today the manner in which we announce the birth of a new baby has changed and so birth announcement favours now come in all colours and flavours!

How to choose your birth announcement favours

Each and every birth announcement favour available from the Jeff de Bruges catalogue are meticulously and passionately made in our dedicated workshops. For a gift full of kindness and tenderness, each sugared almond is available in a wide range of pastel colours: blue, pink, beige, gold and yellow.

Each gift is also available in several flavours so you can make your choice according to your taste. In our workshops, we have given pride of place to the classic sugared almond including three delicious sorts: Élysée Avola almond, opera almond and gianduja almond. For something a little more special, discover also the chocolate almonds in small disk (palet) or heart shapes.

In the Jeff de Bruges workshop, indulgence is paramount! You will love our selection of chocolate almonds that come in caramel, nougat, crêpe dentelle, speculoos, raspberry or Ecuadorian cocoa bean flavours. Once you have chosen the flavours of your baby's sugared almonds, all you have to do is select the packaging to put them in and there is a wide range of boxes to choose from that you can also personalise to make your birth gift unique. These boxes can also be used for a baby shower and the selected colour could be a way to reveal the sex of the baby!