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Message box - 18 milk chocolates

Net weight: 222g
  • €20.85

XXL Cube of Marshmallow Bears

Net weight: 524g
  • From €30.90

From 18th of September to 1st of October,
3 sweets of autumn offered from 24 € of purchase.

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Message box - 18 milk & dark chocolates

Net weight: 222g
  • €20.85

Message box - 27 milk chocolates

Net weight: 335g
  • €28.55

396 g square box of Juliettes

Net weight: 396g
  • €28.20

Message box - 27 dark chocolates

Net weight: 335g
  • €28.55

15 Assorted Chocolates Box with 80% Dark Chocolate Bar

Net weight: 256g
  • €23.40

15 Assorted Chocolates Box with 38% Milk Chocolate Bar

Net weight: 256g
  • €23.40

Message box - 27 milk and dark chocolates

Net weight: 335 g
  • €28.55

204 g rectangular box of Juliettes

Net weight: 204g
  • €14.90

Message box - 18 dark chocolates

Net weight: 222g
  • €20.85


Is the end of the school year approaching and you still haven't decided which gift to choose to thank your child's teacher? Have you considered chocolates? When it comes to gifts there is no doubt that chocolate will always please. The Jeff de Bruges teams have thought of everything and compiled a selection of thank-you chocolates that will satisfy every sweet tooth.

Choose your thank-you chocolates from a selection of assorted chocolates, irresistible Juliettes, and delectable Marshmallow Bears for guaranteed satisfaction.

Why give thank you chocolates?

At the end of the academic year, it is customary to give teachers a gift as a token of appreciation. It's a thoughtful way of saying thank you to those who have accompanied your children throughout the year! Each time you face the same problem of choosing a gift for your children's teacher that they can enjoy but is not too personal. While flowers are a traditional gift, you can also delight any food lover by giving them thank-you chocolates from Jeff de Bruges.

Our collection incorporates many chocolate options that will bring joy to your children's teachers including message boxes, boxes of assorted chocolates with personalised chocolate bars, marshmallow teddy bears and Juliettes. We've put together several formats so that you can choose your thank-you chocolates according to your budget and the message you want to deliver at the end of the school year.

Thank you chocolates for teachers are an excellent end-of-year gift idea but they can also be given as gifts on any occasion!

How to choose your thank you chocolates for teachers

Our selection of thank you chocolates dedicated to teachers has been created to satisfy every sweet tooth including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, tasty marshmallow and delectable chocolate petals sprinkled with dried fruit, caramel chips and seeds.

And what is the cherry on top of the cake?

Our boxes of assorted chocolates can be personalised! We've put together boxes of assorted chocolates into which you can add a bar of dark or milk chocolate with a personalised message inscribed on it. Included in our selection of personalised gifts is also the message box containing delicious, soft chocolates.

Add a single letter on each chocolate to create your chosen thank you message. Enjoy this moment with your children putting together a message and they will be proud to give their chocolate creations to their teachers!

Our selection of thank-you teacher chocolates includes delights to suit all tastes, so whatever you select you're sure to have a thank-you gift that will please your child's teacher. These chocolates are also the perfect gift to say thank you to your childminder or babysitter.